Covid-19 Pandemic Self-Reflections on Success & Leadership

My fifteen leadership values and practices

Author, Shelley Wiart (November 2020).
International Women’s Day Indigenous Feminist Panel: Infusing Matriarchy Into the Academy (l to r). Dr. Karlee Fellner, Dr. Jennifer Leason, myself, Ashley Cornect-Benoit, and Dr. Pearl Yellow Old Woman-Healy (March 2020).
Presented my research: National Gathering of Indigenous Mentorship Network Programs; AbSPORU Virtual Institute 2020; Ełèts’ehdèe-Katimaqatigiit-Nihkhah Łatr’iljil conference; webinars for the Maskwacis Community College Micro-learning Series: The Methodology of Indigenous Digital Storytelling and Indigenous Womxn Write; Panel presenter for ComSciCon on digital storytelling for the Multimedia and Journalism Panel.
Interconnectedness (l to r): Dr. Jennifer Leason, myself and Barb Horsefall.
Medicine picking in Saskatchewan (July 2020).
My hand in the South Saskatchewan River at Wolf Willow Resort (June 2020).
Myself and the Hon. Premier Caroline Cochrane (August 2019).
Indigenous environmental and human rights activist, Sheila Watt-Cloutier. Author, The Right to be Cold (September 2020).
  1. The collective is more important than the individual.
  2. Lead by example.
  3. Prepare a long-term vision then act.
  4. Prioritize and live in balance. Be aware that the energy you give to something or someone must be taken from another space or relationship in your life.
  5. Advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves.
  6. Hold yourself and others including loved ones, friends and co-workers, organizations, and governments accountable for their actions.
  7. Speak less, listen more.
  8. Honour your ancestors with good words, deeds, and thoughts.
  9. Laugh. Laugh about the hardships and dark things, too. It will heal you so you can move on.
  10. Tell stories to teach. Share the stories of your mistakes. There is medicine in stories that allow people to extract what they need to heal.
  11. Be proud of who you are.
  12. When you are given a task or responsibility, do it to the fullest extent of your capabilities. Do not cut corners.
  13. Live with forgiveness in your heart. Hurt people, hurt people. Be compassionate and help others regardless of their shortcomings.
  14. Invest as much time and energy into future generations as possible because they are our legacy. Our future is dependent on how well we teach them our worldview, life skills, and culture.

Shelley Wiart, B.A. (Hons) is a member of the North Slave Métis Alliance, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Indigenous health research. Mother. Writer. Runner

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